About Us

About us

Climate change is a global issue that will impact us all sooner or later. The Torry Development Trust is dedicated to positively influencing change and aligning with efforts to mitigate rising temperatures. These efforts can be seen in plans for the Victoria Road School Community Regernation Project, and by utilising and restoring existing structures we hope to provide much needed sustainable homes whilst saving many tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

The TDT will continue to safeguard the granite architecture of Torry through this project whilst aligning with the efforts of sustainable construction, utilising existing assets whilst reducing emissions during the construction of much needed housing. Furthermore, we will advocate the need to safeguarding the green spaces of Torry as these play a crucial part in the fight against climate change. Being a coastal city, Aberdeen will one day feel the impact of rising sea levels and will be forced to react to the increased flooding and coastal deterioration. Therefore, it is within all of our interests to do what we can to reduce our individual carbon footprint. Acting now is the imperative for a safer, more secure and better tomorrow!


Would you like to join in planned events in the future? Please express your interest to us through the contact form through the online template.

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We welcome your support and membership. Our members play a key role in setting our priorities, through consultations or add by applying to join the TDT.

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You can help us do more work in our local communities of Torry and support those who need it, contact us to find out more.

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